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  • This Product line automatically quantifies the behavior of small animals cultured in microtiter plates.
  • Compatible with: C. elegans, drosophila, zebrafish, xenopus larvae and similar sized organisms.
  • Suitable for microplates (6 to 384 wells); liquid media.
  • Non invasive infrared detection method. 384 simultaneous channels.*
  • *Patents: US12515723 and EP2086408B1
    Distributed in association with Designplus SRL

WMicroTracker gives you the capability to measure in an easy, fast and highly reproducible way the locomotive activity of small animals cultured in microtiter plates. The system can be used in High-Throughput Screening assays to identify and evaluate the biological effects of new potential compounds/drugs, RNAi or morpholinos, as well as mutants studies in the model organisms like C. elegans worms, D. rerio zebrafish larvae, X. laevis frog tadpole, Anopheles sp. mosquitoes, and similar sized animals.

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