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  • Our new WMicrotracker quantifies the movement of single or groups of animals with higher acuracy and resolution, specially for agar experiments or single animal path tracking.
  • It covers C.elegans Lifespan Machine needs.
  • It is compatible with organisms from 0.1mm to 10mm: C.elegans, drosophila, zebrafish, xenopus larvae and more.
  • fits 6w to 384w standard microplate and 6cm Petri dishes.
  • Programmable temperature from 10 to 40°C.
  • Patented based technology with non-invasive infrared detection.
  • PATENT:US12515723,EP2086408B1

WMicroTracker ARENA is the second generation of technology, optimized for agar experiments with worms, and also for tracking of bigger organisms such as zebrafish. It has over 10 times more spatial resolution than the wMicrotracker ONE, having also temperature control and Cloud based software.

Some specifications are:
- SIMPLE READOUT and HIGHLY REPRODUCIBLE. Detection based on microbeam interruption without morphometry.
- NON-INVASIVE. It uses very low power infrared detection, without disturbing the animals.
- HAS HIGH RESOLUTION: allows to detect organisms separated by 0.5mm. Reads >10.000 simultaneous channels.
- IT IS FAST: Acquisition speed > 2 full-plate readings/second.
- IT IS SILENT and ROBUST: No mechanical moving parts.
- AUTO-REGULATES TEMPERATURE: Programmable temperature control.
- SMART: No computer needed, Wi-Fi connected to the cloud.

wMicrotracker ARENA has been pre-launched on July 2016, and will be available within 60 days.