Drug Discovery
R&D Collaborations
  • as a multidisciplinary group, we are happy to provide solutions for drug discovery projects:
  • Compound testing in Caenorhabditis elegans.
  • Compound testing in Danio rerio (embryo and larvae).
  • Standarized DarT toxicity test (zebrafish).
  • On demand R&D.

  • The use of small animal models has many advantages in the drug discovery pipeline. Organisms such as C.elegans (a tiny nematode) and Zebrafish (a small freshwater fish) allow to carry on several experiments in little time and at low cost. Moreover, many of these experiments can be automated in order to improve throughput capability.
  • Currently, there are many publications validating the use of small organism in different stages of pharmacological development (for a review see the book: Model organisms in drug discovery. Carroll & FitzGerald. 2003). These applications can reduce pre-clinical trial time, and even get quick information about biological activity to patent a compound.
  • At PhylumTech, we offer to Researchers and Companies the possibility to test their compound libraries looking for toxicity parameters, biological activity or against different diseases models using small animals. In addition, our platforms are compatible with other fields of drug discovery research, such as parasitic nematodes, small parasites and any other organisms capable to be cultured in microtiter plates.